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You don't have to remember your car parking place now!
Just use this app to simplify your life.

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About Park Me Here!

If you park somewhere a car and this is a completely new place/city/street/parking. You have to remember this place. When a distance or time is so long a memory is fleeting.

After park your car just launch the app, push a big button on the center, click OK and... that's all! Your position is saved.

Awesome feature

Parking time notification!

Optionally you can set up parking time on the second view (after big button click). This is for i.e. parking meter when you have to pay for parking time. This case will give you a notification before parking time's up .




Navigate from your current location to the saved target.

Navigation mode

In the app settings you can choose between walking (default) and driving navigation mode.

Locations history

View last 10 saved positions

Time Notifications

Notify you before parking time end.


Simple UI allow you to fast navigation.

Focus on the map points

Buttons to focus on the current user location or target point.

Download The App

Only what have to do is click the button bottom or type Park Me Here in the App Store

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